Charles Lam - Recent Presentations

Year Title
2023.06 2000s: A Space/Time Odyssey of Hong Kong
2022.06 Two Tales of a City: A Digital Investigation of Tat Ming Pair and Beyond in the Pre-handover Hong Kong
2022.05 Analyzing Cantopop with Python
2021.12 Teaching Hong Kong, Learning Hong Kong: Cantonese Humor as a Resource
2021.08 Adjectives in Cantonese are not verbs
2021.06 Lexical Reduplication in Cantonese
2021.05 How Digital Platforms Facilitate Parody: Online Humor in the Construction of Hong Kong Identity
2021.05 Poetics of Time and Identity in Hong Kong Lyrics: a Digital Investigation
2021.02 The Semantics of Fake News: How NLP and AI may help us identify misinformation
2020.11 A linguistic approach to misinformation in Chinese
2020.10 Forms and meanings of lexical reduplications in Cantonese: a corpus study
2020.04 Variations in Cantonese relative clauses: an experimental approach
2019.06 The V-one-V construction in Cantonese
2019.04 Cantonese relative clauses with ge3 and classifier [廣東話「嘅」「嗰啲」關係子句]
2018.12 "Classifierless" nominals in Hokkien and Cantonese
2018.08 Language studies in the AI era
2018.06 Identities are no joke (or are they?)
2018.06 Constraints of the V-one-V construction
2017.12 Narrative development in bilingual children
2017.06 Analyzing reduplication across signed and spoken languages
2016.12 Cross-categorial behaviors of X-one-X construction in Cantonese
2016.10 Corpus linguistics for English majors and digital literacies
2016.07 Two forms of comparatives and the implications on predicate structure of Mandarin
2016.04 Degree analysis of the transcategoriality in functional HAVE in Cantonese
2016.03 Multiple functions of HAVE Cantonese: a corpus study